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The Attitude Facing Our Island

The vultures are circling and they have dollar signs in their eyes.  There will be lots of promises and fake appreciation for the natural beauty and portray themselves as like minded.  Their job is to mislead you and get the job done.

DSC_6081Kensington Island Properties is a good example of lots of talk – no substance – leaving the hillbillies of Union Bay in their constant state of fog brain.  Dolts like these are perfect for developers to suck in.  Big shot Kensington Island Properties must be experiencing a disruption of funds as the ‘building’ by the coal hills remains secured with black plastic garbage bags and duct tape – after Kensington Island Properties VP had inspected the property after the fire.  This guy will never be accused of giving the appearance of wealth!  Talk about curb appeal!

Bitumen project approval irks residents near Peace River

8369158EDMONTON – Shell Canada has received regulatory approval to significantly increase bitumen production at an expanded plant near Peace River — an area where residents have raised a stink for three years about odours emanating from existing operations.

One thought on “The Attitude Facing Our Island

  1. Having worked for a very large real estate developer I would say that a first-class organisation would have restored the premises within hours on appearences alone. Something is very wrong with this project


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