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Union Bay Real Estate Listings May 12, 2005 - Listing Search Results

The following are listings when the category was Courtenay South, Union Bay, Fanny Bay.  Some of the same homes are for sale now 8 years later for less although one is listed $100,000. over the 2005 asking price. – Listing Search Results – Listing Search Results2 – Listing Search Results3 – Listing Search Results4

Union Bay landowners in particular are going to be hit very hard financially as UBID continues to believe KIP will take pity and thrown them a bone.  The same folks who opposed the 2 million Fire Hall are now in power and are building an even bigger empire than any other board to date – total for Fire Department projected at $4 million.

Sewer systems were a priority for Union Bay back in 2005 and landowners were worried about the costs. Water became a concern due to KIP Slick and UBID wanting to increase size, otherwise Union Bay wouldn’t be required by VIHA to build a 4,3,2,1 system.  Now landowners will foot the bill minimum $1.4 million KIP Slick was supposedly going to kick in for first phase (ha, ha).

After all these years the Fire Department has turned into a glutenous pig at the financial trough of landowners.  This rag tag group of volunteers put on uniforms and have convinced themselves they are special and landowners are lucky to have them.  They haven’t lost a foundation yet!

Oh yeah, regarding the sewage system….

.Last Words………you can’t afford it

How’s that working for you these days?  Happy with the decisions made on your behalf by the Union Bay Improvement District?  How much more money do you want to give to be mismanaged by the present form of government (term used loosely)?  Landowners have been provided with selective information and have not been advised when mistakes are made which resulted in lost funds.  Joe Lidster warned the board to hold a referendum on joining the Regional District as landowners are not happy.  The Oracle decides when, how, if……….underlings are tolerated but must be controlled.

Big shout out to all you TAG members.  Take a bow for getting Union Bay to the point it is now.  You’re all proud heros, right?

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