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Life in Upper Hillbilly Terrace

Or, as it is referred to by the locals as “Dogpatch Central”.  The simple life by simple people who have lived their lives by doing what pleases them, their friends and relatives.  The long held belief they own not only their legal property, but all surrounding areas and like dogs and cats shitting everywhere but their own property,  put every bit of garbage and metal collections anywhere without a thought to anyone else.  Will post a pic of the treasures my neighbours collect outside their properties – gosh, I hope no one is running a junk yard back there and now I’ve ruined their source of income.

I’m in the process of learning the neighbourhood etiquette and have been relieved to see it is quite appropriate to let your neighbour know how you feel about them.  Wow, I have no problem with that rule at all.

The one snag might be the rule applies only to the neighbours and attempts will be made to deny me the same rights as my new neighbours.  I believe that is an unwritten rule similar to the one used by the Chair of UBID when I was told the rules were his and he would implement them how he saw fit. I’m very adaptable and as long as I’m advised of the rules – will gladly oblige.  The problem people have with me is when they try to apply one sided or ‘special status’ to themselves. There are a couple of tasteful signs establishing my preferences and I think things are working out fantastically – Am so happy now that I am surrounded by the very things that sometimes causes chuckles to hilarity.  Love Union Bay.

Look at the reaction of Pappy in Upper Hillbilly Terrace!

Sonny Day

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