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Union Bay Improvement District Dose of Bullshit

Excerpt from Oct. 19, 2011 UBID Meeting minutes: excerpt oct 19 2011 ubid min


The Credit Union is the only winner in this financial disaster.  Who made the decisions in this matter?  There had to be someone taking the lead after discussions.  This was authorized by the Board.  Obviously, UBID does not have a case, there will be no evidence backing up anything that took place because minutes of meetings are edited carefully (just like they are now) and other matters are simply not recorded.  You can’t win a case like this without evidence and everyone heard the mess the office was supposedly left by the outgoing administration in 2011.  There is no one left who was in a position of authority at the time and one has already told me – they don’t remember.

The Credit Union’s concerns have no bearing on the actions the Board should take.  The Credit Union hasn’t had to put out one red cent for its’ part in this mess, so shove your concerns about this institution who has been making big bucks sucking at the tit of the Union Bay Improvement District.  A cosy relationship with UBID building an empire and the Credit Union only too happy to provide loans.  A symbiotic relationship.  Unfortunately, they feed off the hillbilly landowners.  And, we all know how consistently low the standards are of the Union Bay Improvement District.  If UBID didn’t renew the mortgage on the property they don’t own, what would the Credit Union have done?  Well, we’ll never know because your elected officials decided to use your money for the legal fees, protecting the Credit Union from even the glimpse of worry.  The meter is running and this board is incompetent to represent your financial interests.  They need your direction to tell them – not them telling you!

no kidding

2 thoughts on “Union Bay Improvement District Dose of Bullshit

  1. Hi Gord:
    I didn’t go to the court house for the documents – purchased them online. You can go to the courthouse and view the file No. S08487 Courtenay Registry, which will have far more than is what available online. Any of the parties involved who have provided documents supporting their position won’t be available online but will be in the file.


  2. Sure would like to see the Agreement between SD71 and UBID. Also, the Mortgage document (s) pertaining to UBCU and UBID. Too much to ask to see the relevant correspondence.


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