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Breaking News: Is Kensington Island Properties Moving Ahead?

Appears Kensington Island Properties is continuing with the planned development here in Union Bay.  A road has been established and clearing has taken place with the felled trees off to one side for bucking up.  It doesn’t have a security guard and appears to be open to the public for use including storage.  The entrance is on Tappin Street and winds around in between Tappin and the Railway Right of Way. DSC_6426 DSC_6427 DSC_6428 DSC_6431 DSC_6433 DSC_6434 DSC_6435 DSC_6423This is the respect shown for Bill Hamilton, an 88 year old man who lived in his home for 57 years.  This is the view from KIP’s property facing the back yards of 3 properties, Bill’s in the middle and he told me the only thing back there that is his is the small square shed dead centre in the picture.  The small area of trees that haven’t been removed is scattered with garbage, boats, tires, you name it.  See, these people were so nice and respectful to his face and yet look what they really thought of him.  Do they think he didn’t notice?  Yes, he noticed, he is just too polite to say anything, and they took advantage of that.  57 years those trees stood behind his house and he kept his property and the surrounding area clean and had mutual respect for his neighbours.  I’m not polite like Bill.

images hillbillyUpper Hillbilly Terrace Family Reunion at Bay Day.  Draw straws to find out who’s your Daddy!

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