2 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Kensington Island Properties, Union Bay, Doing? – Nothing. It’s All Been Bullshit!

  1. Sewer was the carrot Kensington Island Properties dangled prior to the first hearings in 2006 when the landowners were assured by Bob Long, CAO of the Regional District, Langley Lake would not even be considered as the source of water for the Kensington Island Properties project.

    Union Bay landowners have been misled by the Union Bay Improvement District and the Regional District since Kensington Island Properties arrived in Union Bay in 2002 (this is the date Kensington Island Properties VP has stated) and began gathering the bobble heads for support.

    Union Bay landowners are now facing ridiculous costs due to endorsing the expansion and development in Union Bay to a developer/partner who clearly stated once the zoning was changed, the property would be turned over to developers. It’s because of UBID’s application to develop that we are forced to upgrade the water system, we wouldn’t be facing these millions if UBID hadn’t endorsed this bullshit development and the RD shoved it down our throats. Fine for them, they’re not stuck with the bill – Union Bay bobble head landowners are.

    Guess they deserve it for not caring enough to ask a question and actually demand a true answer. Elected officials like these count on bobble heads, it’s how they stay in power.


  2. No progress, but in any event the project cannot go ahead without sewers and that is years away from happening. The lack of viability of the project due to sewers was known from Day 1.


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