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South Sewer Project Comox Valley

1242749315_bullshit_amplifier-detectorNow that everyone has been given the options of disposing of the waste and the costs involved, you’re probably deciding how you will vote when all the informaion is gathered.  Think again!

The Regional District is using the open houses, the website (which has very little activity) and the newsletters to determine if there is support for the sewer system and then will go about implementing the system which you will pay dearly for. This is how the RD can state the people were given the opportunity to speak to the proposal.

Keep in mind the figures provided have a +/- 30% range.  The figures of $1,900. to $2,400. per year for 20 years.  Total $38,000. to $48,000. with a +/- 30%.  Yikes.

Oh, I shouldn’t disturb you sleepy heads and gutless wonders and expect you to ask questions.  Will just have a good laugh when you realize how much more it’s going to cost you to live in hillbilly Union Bay.  You can double or triple your costs depending on how many properties you own.

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