A Picture Detailing The South Sewer Project

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Here’s a question I asked on Placespeak.com which is the window dressing website the Regional District is using to determine if there is support for the South Sewer Project.

None of the options provided to Union Bay residents are acceptable. The costs are far too high and a +/- 30% is ridiculous. This is a repeat of what was pulled on UB landowners when former CAO Bob Long assured landowners Langley Lake would not even be considered as a water source for KIP. Look what happened.

Regarding costs. Why is this turning into a P3 project? Who is the Private in this and what are the costs going to be if a private company is involved?

The RD is manipulating the outcome of this project. All they have to say is the public supports it and we’re done.

Start a petition – I’ll sign it.

Here is the answer:

Records of all comments received from the community will be an important part of any LWMP submission so we appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Regarding your question on ‘P3” projects, all potential sources of funding to reduce the costs to landowners are being explored, including funding from P3 Canada which would require the project be delivered by a P3 project delivery method, likely design-build-finance-operate-maintain, with ownership of the asset retained by the CVRD, but all other aspects provided under P3 contract by a private consortium. If the project team is successful in securing P3 Canada funding, they would fund 25% of the capital costs, significantly reducing costs to the landowners. It could also the opportunity of transferring risk to the private sector resulting in a higher level of confidence of future costs of the system. This has not been determined as the path forward but is being considered as an option.

The reason I asked this question is because of the “private” in a P3 Project.  You’ll notice my questions was not answered.  Who is the Private in this and what are the costs going to be if a private company is involved?  The ownership of the asset retained by the CVRD.  Okay, does that mean every other aspect is handled by a private company?  P3 Canada funding, they would fund 25% of capital costs but what costs are we facing if a private company controls services?

Another question I asked:

What about our existing septic system? Will we be required to decommission our existing septic systems and what is involved and what is the cost if any?

CVRD answered:

This is an important question, but one that can’t be answered definitively yet. Most other jurisdictions that have implemented similar projects have allowed decommissioning of systems in place, i.e. pumping out and filling with sand. Our proposed approach will be communicated during the next round of consultation this summer.

I left this comment:

I think this forum may be window dressing to appear the public has a say in this project. This is pointless if it’s just people stating what they believe and no one in authority providing any feedback or clarifying facts.

Received this reply:

Records of all comments and feedback are being kept and will be submitted along with any LWMP that is developed. The Ministry of Environment is very interested in hearing the feedback of the community, which is why the project team is collecting comments and questions through many different avenues, including PlaceSpeak. Finally – we ask that your comments not become personal towards other commenters so that this page can be welcoming and inclusive for any in the community who want to participate.

The RD knows Union Bay landowners are saps and fearful of putting their name on anything that might go against one of the hillbilly relatives or friends.  Has to be the dumbest community in Canada.  Too busy stealing/claiming land, elected officials erecting fence across a road blocking anyone else from using it, others stealing firewood, and on and on.  A developer promising $17.4 million and our Board negotiates $l.4 million.  Thankfully, time ran out for slick but you can bet this Board thinks they’re just as smart as the last negotiators and will fuck up negotiating with the developer with all the promises who never produces.  Why not tell KIP to take a fucking hike?

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