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KIP Ready To Proceed Promptly

Same old, same old………

KIP ready to proceed promptly
Colleen Dane. The Courtenay Comox Valley Record. Courtenay, B.C.:Aug 11, 2009. p. A.1
(Copyright (c) 2009 Black Press Group Ltd.)

Five or six years is all Kensington Island Properties would need to have the village area of its proposed Union Bay development well underway, once it receives the necessary approvals.

KIP vice-president Brian McMahon made a presentation to the Comox Valley Regional District’s electoral area services committee meeting this week, outlining further details to the project given first and second reading at the end of July.

“We feel this is a good depiction of what a West Coast waterfront village would feel like,” said McMahon, showing pictures and drawings of potential building features for the area.

The cosmetic details were only a small part of the presentation, which covered water supply, coal hill remediation and sustainable building initiatives.

“This is one of the priorities of the province right now,” said McMahon about the coal hill remediation planning. KIP is working with the provincial and federal governments, and West Fraser Timber to plan the work, which would include containment around the shore’s edge.

“It’s coming to a head very quickly,” he said.

KIP says the marina it has planned, in the cove area that is now home to the Union Bay Boat Launch, would be started soon after any work is given the formal go-ahead.

Bruce Jolliffe, director for Area A in which the development would happen, asked for more information about water supply — saying that is the No. 1 concern for many in the community.

McMahon said KIP’s studies show there is sufficient water for 1,200 new doors before significant upgrades. KIP plans to do upgrades, though, namely adding an additional reservoir at Langley Lake.

Its first task would be to put in a wastewater treatment plant, and would work with the Union Bay Improvement District toward meeting new provincial water treatment standards.

They’ve committed to pay for the new chlorination and UV filtration required by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

“We’re cognizant of what needs to be done with water,” said McMahon, adding KIP would use recycled effluent for irrigation on the property, and store stormwater for firefighting reserves.

The company is also looking at geothermal lines running under the golf course to heat and cool the waterfront portion of the development.

The water treatment and waste-water plant would be among the first tasks they would face if their permits were approved.

“We’ve evolved because of many factors — we just have to do things smarter than people did 10 years ago,” he said about the green building initiatives now included in the proposal.

Directors thanked McMahon for his presentation, and said they hope the process will remain this open in the months to come as they develop the bylaws for the project.

While first and second reading were given late last month, they decided not to set a date for the public hearing until they received the responses to referrals CVRD staff sent out, and moved further along with the K’omoks First Nation consultation process.

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