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Kensington Coastal Point Before Claiming To Be Union Bay Community

For those of us keeping track, the following is from when KIP referred to the development as Kensington Coastal Point.  It was also called Kensington Coastal Pointe before morphing into The Union Bay Community and launching a website in 2010.  Here’s a link to the site:  Notice the last update was from 2011.  Don’t you think it’s odd that this developer has done zero to keep supporters updated?

KIP was quite visible dealing with the previous good buddy relationship that existed with the old board who were turfed in April 2011.  Remember this is the Board who locked out the electorate from Jan. 2011 until the AGM in April 2011, while the now lapsed agreement was negotiated without the knowledge of all five Trustees.  How these people could show their faces and take credit for that agreement at the KIP rally on June 3, 2015, leaves me shaking my head.  Truly, people in Union Bay are incredibly stupid and gullible with a very short memory.

Kensington Coastal Point Q and A

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