Posted in Kensington Island Properties aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc.

Casino in Union Bay Courtesy of Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

Another new name – same old same old.  Now Union Bay Resorts.  Notice the casino?  Looking for investors for a development that hasn’t any water?????????

Funny.  It has the Atlantic instead of the Pacific.

bullshit casino costanza

For you lucky people – I copied the flash slideshow so you can stop and pause to take in all the glorious visual bullshit from the new, improved, concentrated, KIP Costanza.  This is the third website and still not one drop of WATER.  Check out the last image if you want to invest in this hot property.

bullshit 1bullshit 2bullshit 3bullshit 4bullshit 5bullshit 6bullshit 7bullshit 8bullshit 9bullshit 10bullshit 11bullshit 12bullshit 13bullshit 14bullshit 15bullshit 16bullshit 17bullshit 18bullshit 19bullshit 20bullshit 21bullshit 22bullshit 23bullshit 24bullshit 25bullshit 26bullshit 27bullshit 28bullshit 29bullshit 30bullshit 31bullshit 32bullshit 33bullshit 35bullshit 36bullshit 37bullshit 38bullshit 39bullshit 40bullshit 42

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