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Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza) Crying Poor Me Again.

Grow a pair!  Anyone who attends these meetings know the question period is for questions, not for a presentation.

This is a good one:

Location: UBID has not been able to identify successfully, let alone secure, any legally viable site for a temporary or permanent water treatment facility that UBID is able to acquire.

Ultimatum from Summary Notes of Meeting KFN and UBID page 5 of the Special Edition Landowners Update from June 17, 2015 meeting :

If the temporary site is not built according to the expired KIP/UBID water infrastructure Agreement; there will be no lease on the Crown land/potential treaty settlement land.

Since KFN plans on having water from Union Bay why are they opposing this land for our water storage?

Why did KIP Costanza give $50,000. to KFN?

 bullshit kip june 30 2015 crying the blues

Two-thirds of the people who signed a petition based on the false information provided by those wanting them to sign.  Do you really think you are informed when all you base your signature on is a couple of paragraphs and some hillbilly encouraging you to sign?  One of the problems in hillbilly Union Bay is that no one can admit a mistake or change their minds without consulting some equally ignorant relative or neighbour.  Most of them don’t have a clue what has transpired and good old KIP Costanza and his has flunkies rely on that.

Anyone keeping track of this development and the antics pulled who listened to the Board meeting of June 17, 2015 knows the expired agreement was a bad one for Union Bay.  If KIP Costanza wants water – a new negotiated agreement is required.  Stop whining and crying all the time FFS.

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