The Board KIP Costanza prefers and praises.  Never a critical word heard from KIP Costanza when these folks were running the show.  Is KIP Costanza claiming his beloved board equalled a Board of Executives Working on Wall Street?  Gosh…….why does a developer get so cosy with elected officials?  Always praising them, patting them on the head and telling them they are as smart as a Board of Executives on Wall Street.  Then they tell us how lucky we are to have these talented folks representing us.  Remember?

Cartoon from Comox Valley Record when Union Bay electorate locked out in January 2011.

editorial cartoon jan 28001

Happy day for KIP Costanza with the board who locked out the electorate while negotiating the now expired WIA in April 2011, days before they were given the axe at the AGM by the electorate fed up with their extravagant spending habits of the taxpayers dollar and ruling without regard to the rules governing Improvement Districts.

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

“This is not a board of executives working on Wall Street,” said McMahon. “This is retired people working on the UBID board.”

i love the old ubid board george-costanza copy

The Saviour of Union Bay loved, loved, loved the old Board.

buddy christ ubid with new sign