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“Let’s discuss this openly and see who is lying.” Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

From Echo article – link at bottom.

“Let’s discuss this openly and see who is lying.”

Wow, those are pretty strong words.  Is Kip Costanza calling the Trustees of the Union Bay Improvement District liars? And this:

“McMahon feels if he goes ahead and sues, it’s not the board he will be going after but the landowners and he doesn’t want that.”

And this:

“This is not a board of executives working on Wall Street,” said McMahon. “This is retired people working on the UBID board.”

And the previous board was somehow more qualified?  The board who locked out the community while negotiating the lousy WIA  with KIP Costanza in 2011?  The same board who were finally and soundly kicked to the curb in 2011?  The board who were lap dogs to KIP Costanza?  The board that just about bankrupted the community with the need to spend taxpayers dollars?  That board? And this:

“My lawyer said if we go to court on this, we would win,” said McMahon.

Really?  Bullshit.  Same old bullshit with new pictures and spin.   This development is one huge turd. And this:

“KIP reiterates its prior position that it is prepared to share costs “equitably” with UBID, and KIP looks forward to seeing a proposal from UBID in this regard, recognizing that as the largest landowner and ratepayer in Union Bay, KIP will be footing the largest portion of the UBID share in any event.”

Because you want our water for another 3300 new doors with no time limit or specifics on the water infrastructure.  How about coming across with the millions promised when KIP Costanza needed the community support?  Just another Union Bay Windbag.

Do the landowners who are pushing the expired agreement have any financial interest in KIP Costanza beyond any other landowner?  There is something very wrong when there is a push that benefits a developer over landowners.

See how this developer has used fear and ignorance to divide this community?  KIP Costanza does not care about our community.  KIP Costanza is about money – nothing else. country bumpkin

We love KIP Costanza.  We gonna start a class action.  Yup.

How about this for deceiving.  No explanation that this video is a concept.  Check out the big tent on the pristine sandy beach. It’s all fake and bullshit trying to sell you a dream.

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