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Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza) Sold 2 Parcels From Master Development Agreement

Interesting that the last 2 parcels of the Master Development Agreement have been sold.

Blue with exclamation mark properties sold.

2 parcelsDSC_3984 copy

what about these 2 parcels

Here’s the info:

PID # OO6–719–376 – owned by Bayton Developments Ltd., 1.21 acres, “vacant residential”. Sold for $50,000 in July, 2011 by Yukon Inc 34083 (address 1649 Olga Rd, Eastsound, WA 98245-9463). The assessed value was $27,300. This parcel is landlocked (without any access)

PID # 006–739–229 – owned by Bayton Developments, Ltd. 16.8 acres, In July, 2011 bought from Yukon Inc 34083 for $375,000. The Assessed value in 2010 was $381,000. In 2015 its assessed value was $331,000. This was vacant land but not landlocked.

Now here is a test for you extremely stupid people:  Who is Yukon Inc?

Who is Bayton Developments Ltd?

Flawse co_0001

Flawse co

The KFN has that area as Kensington Island Properties in their map.Slide 1

In the beginning we were told KIP Costanza’s land reached just south of Herondale and yet now the development reaches slightly north of Argyle.  According to KFN, KIP Costanza has provided them with land in the Argyle area and promised them water and hookups.

Is KIP Costanza selling off parcels of the development?

i love the old old ubid board george-costanza copy copyLet’s get the cob webs out and think back to 2006.

The Board and KIP Costanza loved each other unconditionally.  We attended the KIP Costanza hearings where good old Bob Long, CAO for the Regional District assured landowners Langley Lake was not even on the table; wouldn’t even be considered as a water source.  KIP Costanza got support for the development with the conditions placed by the Regional District.

Not long after the hearings and KIP Costanza supporters upset about the 22 conditions, there was a push for Union Bay to become a municipality.  I overheard a previous Trustee stating that once we were a municipality, we would be in the driver’s seat negotiating directly with KIP, cutting out the meddlesome Regional District.  This individual had been on the Board when jobs were given out to those who were friends and qualifications were unnecessary.

vote yes for municipal

Like Harry Bosch, I don’t believe in coincidences.

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