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UBID 2009: Langley Lake Could Support Just Under 2000 Connections

Are you starting to see the different versions of what impact this development was to have and what some of the benefits supposedly were?  We have been led around with promises, reports, studies, idiots, false information, bullshit…..blah blah……

This developer has been bad news for this Community.  Any big developer would come into a community and build something significant and pay to construct  permanent water infrastructure in order to access our water.  Why has everyone become this developer’s buddy?  Why do these people only grow a spine when they are in a group? Why doesn’t KIP Costanza put anything in WRITING???  Maybe because there isn’t any letterhead?  Always spouts millions are in the budget to raise the dam, build the water infrastructure, cap the Coal Hills, and yet doesn’t have a cent to spend on letterhead for the company.  Kip Costanza uses a photocopy.  Yeah, I believe Kip Costanza is a successful developer.

Upset Kensington Island Properties Supporter Or ?

We are forced to implement the 4,3,2,1 system because of Kensington Island Properties potential development.  The rezoning of KIP Costanza’s land and inclusion in our district is why we are forced to upgrade by VIHA.

ubid submission kip pg 1ubid submission kip pg 2So what did UBID negotiate with Kip Costanza in April 2011?

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