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Kensington Alternate Water Source – What a Joke


More bullshit.  “……an aquifer with quality water?”

From the Regional District website:

December 31, 2014 – The Union Bay Improvement District and Kensington Island Properties water infrastructure agreement expired. The master development agreement requires the developers to negotiate a water infrastructure agreement.

Do you understand that? It’s a condition.  If KIP wants to get water from another source then the Master Development Agreement would have to be re-negotiated.

Note the third last line…”A little knowledge…………”  I’d say a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

The CVRD won’t be on the hook if things go tits up with supplying water to KIP. From KIP Master Agreement Page 16:

The Developer covenants and agrees to save harmless and effectually indemnify the Regional District from and against all actions and proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, claims and demands whatsoever and by whosoever brought by reason of or in any way arising out of or related to the insufficient capacity to provide additional water service to the Development from the Union Bay Improvement District.


you are invited kip 1

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