For those of you who were under the impression the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees had the power to close the monthly meetings to the public in January 2011.

The only thing that saved their asses was the fact they were voted OUT.

And the community wants to go back to that?

Full Report in July 15, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Excerpts from Ombudsperson report:

When we reviewed the meeting minutes we could not find a formal motion to close the meeting to the public, so we asked the district to provide us with of its relevant decision-making records.

Initially the district said that a popular reference guide, Roberts Rules of Order, mentioned in the district’s Meeting Procedures Bylaw, gave the chair authority to take meetings behind closed doors. In addition, it responded that in its view, “resolutions” to close meetings could proceed entirely via email exchanges which were themselves not accessible to the public.

During the course of our investigation, the board passed an amendment to its Meeting Procedures Bylaw. This amendment granted new and unprecedented powers to the board chair, allowing him to close doors to the public by decree. Not only did this amendment fail to address our fairness concerns, it raised new ones.

At this point in our investigation, an election took place. The district, now with a new chair and board makeup, agreed to ensure all regular board meetings were open to the public and to make public the minutes of the previously closed meetings.