The campaign for the two seats on the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) is now in full swing.  The four candidates are the incumbent Bruce Livesey, Jim Elliott, Glenn Loxam and Peter Jacques.

The two candidates Glen Loxam and Peter Jacques have gone door-to–door claiming KIP is willing to pay $1.4 million for the temporary water treatment system at no cost to the landowners and requesting landowners signature on the form they presented. Did they explain the $1.4 million dollars was in fact not a gift and have since admitted “in essence it is a loan”? These two candidates seem very naive and brainwashed to me. Was the intention to mislead or were they simply naive?

Brian McMahon, VP of Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc., admitted Monday March 14, 2016, the offer to pay $17.4 Million dollars (this includes any amounts going back to 2006 KIP promised in relation to our water) to upgrade Union Bay water system with no cost to landowners is in fact Development Cost Charges which is not optional – they must be paid. At present the price is $8,900. per lot. So the large amounts thrown out over the years as a benefit were actually costs which must be paid by any developer. Was the intention to mislead?

And, does anyone remember how the previous UBID Board in 2007 managed to nearly bankrupt the Union Bay community by purchasing the old Union Bay School and spending huge amounts of money in upgrading, utility bills, just to find out that the whole purchase of the old School was a bust since only a school could operate on the property?  The whole deal ended up in the Courts, costing landowners oodles of money.  Heat, hydro, interest and legal costs over 7 years comes to $350,000. lost. This figure does not include any of the renovations. This, among other fool-hearty actions of past Boards, were costly.  Let’s learn from these mistakes.

It could have been worse.  These shopaholics wanted to put $2 Million into the property to build a Fire Hall.  Mr. Jacques was a contact person for those wanting to spend thousands to move the library to the school property.  I doubt we would have been able to get SD 71 to take the property back and reimburse Union Bay for the millions wasted.  We dodged a bullet on that one.

I don’t always agree with the actions of this UBID Board.   However, the Board has been hard at work to try to patch up the errors of past Boards which seemed to be under the spell of big development at any cost to the community.  This present board has successfully saved and our coffers have never been so healthy in recent times!

If the citizens of Union Bay want a healthy and financially stable future, vote for Bruce Livesey (who has shown his priority is to ensure sound financial decisions are made on behalf of the community he represents on the present UBID Board) and Jim Elliott (who has vast experience in the areas of water and sewer).  If not, we may end up with two lapdogs for a developer who has never delivered on any of his promises.”