For those who were heckling people last night – you are a bunch of fucking uninformed spineless worms.  How many of you brave loudmouths asked a question or had any documentation regarding what the meeting was about?

Simple answer:  Not one of them.

To Rodney Bitten who called me a stupid bitch and then immediately denied doing so.  You are so dumb you don’t realize someone is standing right beside me and heard every useless word that came out of your ignorant mouth.  Similar to when you came and banged on my door with spit falling out of your face as you threatened me while I was on the phone with another Union Bay landowner.  I have witnesses to your statements.

When Alan Webb’s wife spoke about being afraid in the community good old Rodney turned around and was glaring at her.  Of course he wouldn’t tolerate that if it was directed towards his wife or whatever she is.   One rule for the hillbillies and another for everyone else.

Not to be forgotten is the puke on the other side of the hall who told a woman landowner to fuck off when she asked him not to heckle a speaker.  If it’s who I think it is, he was a member of the Fire Department – unsure of his status now.  What a puke.

What’s so funny about these particular worms is that they are brave speaking to a woman but wouldn’t open their ignorant yaps if it was a man.  And of course they have to be in a crowd as they lack courage on their own.

How would you like to have to admit your spawn is this stupid and spreading its seed?


Helllloooooooo calling Dr. Morgentaler………..