For those who take the time to watch the video of the March 16, 2016, Union Bay Improvement District Meeting, will hear Mrs. Brian McMahon claim she witnessed people leaving previous Annual General Meetings before casting their vote and actually passing their ballots to another landowner.  Mrs. Brian McMahon was concerned this would happen again and wanted clarification of the one person, one ballot.

IF this is in fact true, I would like to know why Mrs. Brian McMahon failed to bring this serious issue to the attention of the Returning Officer when she supposedly witnessed these actions?  How could anyone stand by and say nothing only to bring it up year(s ?) later?  Mrs. Brian McMahon I urge you to come forward and advise what year and exactly what you witnessed.

If not, then you owe Union Bay an apology for adding more bullshit to the pile we’ve accumulated thanks to 34083 Yukon Inc.