Question 7:
What is a vote of no confidence?

The term “vote of no confidence” is not used or defined anywhere in RONR, and there is no mention of any motion for such a vote. However, this does not mean that an assembly cannot adopt a motion, if it wishes, expressing either its confidence or lack of confidence in any of its officers or subordinate boards or committees. Any such motion would simply be a main motion, and would have no effect other than to express the assembly’s views concerning the matter. A vote of “no confidence” does not — as it would in the British Parliament — remove an officer from office.

Again, I would like to emphasize Mr. Jacques interupted the Board meeting yesterday and brought it to a complete halt while the Board tried to figure out what he was referring to.  Mr. Jacques was unprepared and seemed to indicate he was speaking on behalf of the majority of landowners of Union Bay.

If he wishes to appear as a delegation then he is free to do so according the rules in existence at UBID.  We’re up to our eyeballs in folks standing up claiming to represent the community – look at the bullshit spewed by the fake Union Bay Residents’ Association – example:  in 2009 UBRA put out a pamphlet claiming KIP was willing to spend $18 Million in that year alone.  Obviously, untrue.

How do these people remember everything that is said at the meetings?  Am I the only one who records so I can be sure of my statements?

Christ, I hope the stupidity isn’t anything to do with the water or we are all doomed.