This is my opinion:

Congratulations to the 2 newly elected Trustees of the Union Bay Improvement District!

You are about to experience the same victory as Ben Johnson!


The people supporting these 2 don’t play by the rules – they make up their own rules – always have, always will.  Locked out the electorate without authority to do so, stuck us with the school, spent every cent that came in and didn’t plan for anything because KIP was going to do everything.  The Saviour of Union Bay.  Hey, they figured if they voted on something – that made it legal.  No problem there.

If the only issue these 2 new Trustees are interested in is 34083 Yukon Inc.  You are in a conflict of interest!

GO HOME and stop fucking with the best UBID Board this community has seen.  I don’t have to like any of them personally, but they are doing an amazing job and deserve recognition.  They have proven to be impartial and act in the best interests of Union Bay now, and in the future.  (they have made mistakes and obviously learned from them)

Nothing a developer can give Union Bay is worth turning over control of our water.