Nothing as valuable as an unsigned letter offering free stuff!

If you can’t see the sleaze in this relationship – you are blind.

Are these Trustees looking out for the community or representing a developer?

What are two Trustees doing negotiating deals without the knowledge of the Board?  This is simply outrageous.  They do not have the authority but this has never stopped KIP before.

This is why KIP hasn’t signed the Memorandum of Understanding – still trying to resurrect the expired agreement – after all the bullshit about getting a facilitator involved and how UBID was stalling.  Absolute manipulation of ignorant individuals.

KIP interferring

Notice in the bottom right corner?  Most of the time this website is unreadable or down, and the letter from the owner must be recounting a dream because it is fantasy.  Where are they hiding the water treatment facility, wastewater treatment facility and a 300 slip marina?  Fiction, like everything about Kensington Island Properties.