This is the document KIP hasn’t/won’t sign after begging Minister Fassbender’s office to become involved as KIP claims UBID has been holding up the development.

So the facilitator is led to believe all the parties are on board with this memorandum of understanding but good ole KIP Costanza decides instead to negotiate privately with his Kiplets.   The Kiplets then present the UBID Board with an unsigned letter dated June 7, 2016, from KIP offering land for a permanent water treatment facility.  Everything conditional to resurrecting the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.

The 66% represented by the KIPLETS: 66% where is my free stuff

For those of you paying attention, the old agreement was for 500 water connections which we do not have the water license to provide.  So Kip Costanza isn’t about to settle for a measly 40 – 50 residential units if he can convince the hillbillies to prostitute the community’s water source for an interest free loan or a few acres of land.

Memorandum of Understanding page 1

Memorandum of Understanding page 2