turkey kip

For those who attended the Kip Costanza meeting March 14, 2016, https://allthingsunionbay.com/2016/03/17/audio-recording-of-34083-yukon-inc-monday-march-14-2016/  and listened to the fabrication by the VP of the negotiation meeting in Victoria Dec. 1, 2015, here’s what took place.  This developer has not negotiated in good faith since the expiration of the 2011 WIA.

Still insisting there is a deal in existence.

Here’s a 2 minute excerpt from the March 14, 2016, meeting of KIP claiming it’s the UBID Board who won’t negotiate.   If one side insists there is an agreement – how is that negotiating?


It’s easy to see who is truthful – IN MY OPINION!Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandumDec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 1

Note the Post-meeting feedback provided by Mr. Kelliher stating “…. to prevent UBID from functioning as a water utility.”Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 2