The following Memorandum of Understanding  is on the UBID website and indicates the date as June 6, 2016.

I can just imagine when the MOU was sent to the President of KIP for his signature.  Must have blown a gasket.  I imagine the Pres ripping the VP a new asshole and asking what the hell was going on since the April election when KIP managed to get the KIPLETS elected and the VP promised it was going to be clear sailing getting exactly what KIP wanted.

(Maybe that’s why their website is dead – ( ) where the letter from the President looks pretty stupid asking for investors if he has to change the number from 3,354 residential units to 40 to 50.  Mind you, it looks pretty stupid anyway as the President claims to have a water treatment facility, wastewater treatment facility and a 300 slip marina.)

angry-boss copy


The very next day the VP of sleazy KIP (with a new asshole) decides to ignore the MOU and then provides the KIPLETS with a ransom letter June 7, 2016 where it indicates “confirmation of our discussion of today” with the KIPLETS resurrecting the expired water infrastructure agreement.

It’s clear who the KIPLETS represent – it’s not the landowners!16June06 Draft UBID - KIP MOU Agreement - signed by UBID-116June06 Draft UBID - KIP MOU Agreement - signed by UBID-2KIP interferring