Why Would Anyone Trust Kensington Island Properties, aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc.?

turkey kip  The Union Bay Turkey

Just goes to show this developer is not to be trusted – IN MY OPINION.  The following is the Terms of Reference the parties involved agreed upon.  So who didn’t abide by these terms?

3.  Notwithstanding the primary focus on reaching agreement between UBID and KIP on a path moving forward, which may include both parties returning to the legal negotiation table under the auspices of open, honest and good faith negotiations towards a new water service agreement between the parties, ……………………

This is typical of this heat bag of a developer who whines and cries about how it’s always everyone else who is preventing it from proceeding.  So after getting Minister Fassbender’s office involved and a Facilitator appointed who actually managed to get a Memorandum of Understanding agreed to – what did KIP do?

Well, KIP got together with the KIPLETS and threw a wrench in the works by having the flunkies deliver a letter to the UBID Board wanting that old expired 2011 water agreement.  Surprise, surprise.

Why does anyone trust anything coming from this sleazy developer?  How much proof do you need to see there will be absolutely NO OPEN, HONEST or GOOD FAITH NEGOTIATIONS whenever KIP is involved.  I hope Minister Fassbender and the Facilitator, Mr. Mattison have had their eyes opened.

Terms of Reference facilitatorTerms of Reference facilitator 1

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