Is Kensington Island Properties Telling The Truth About Paying For Upgrades to Langley Lake Including The Dam?

Clip is from the March 2016 meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties at the Union Bay Community Hall.

This 6 minute 30 second clip is Trustee Bruce Livesey asking about promises made by KIP, regarding upgrades to Langley Lake including the dam, that are specifically excluded from the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.

So did KIP answer the question?  In your opinion, is KIP paying, yes or no?

Page 4 from the 2011 expired Water Infrastructure Agreement signed by Jim Youngren and Brian McMahon.  I added the red underline.UBID-KIP Water Agreement Apr 2011-3-4

It clearly excludes any infrastructure related to Langley Lake including without limitation the dam infrastructure at Langley Lake:

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