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This clip is also from the March 2016 meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties.

A landowner states the 2011 agreement is expired and there were problems with that agreement.  VP, Brian McMahon asks her to name one.  She responds ownership of the infrastructure.  Mr. McMahon states:  “It’s owned by the Union Bay Improvement District.”   Is this deception intentional?

Page 4, subsection (y) after (iii)

but excludes any infrastructure related to Langley Lake including without limitation the dam infrastructure at Langley Lake;

Another clip of landowner asking why we can’t pool our money and put in a permanent treatment facility instead of spending money now only to have to do it again in a few years.  In his response, Mr. McMahon states the land purchased by UBID for the permanent facility is going to cost between $300,000. and $500,000. to get hydro to that site.  When he is challenged as to where he got those figures, Mr. McMahon responds “BC Hydro”.

This clip is Peter Jacques questioning why a permanent system can’t be built on the land KIP is offering (comes as a surprise to everyone as at that point UBID was not in possession of a letter offering land for a permanent site).

This clip is me confirming KIP is not giving anything to the community and the phrase “We will pay the costs” is paying the $8,900. per connection Capital Expense Charges which anyone developing a bare piece of land is required to pay.  These charges are not optional and someone wanting to hail themselves as a hero because they’re willing to pay what they are supposed to is just screwed up thinking.  Also questioned the $1.4 million only covering 157 connections when the expired agreement gave 500 connections.  Mr. McMahon ducks the question and his last remark is:  “What do you call the 20 Million dollars I’m going to give to the community?”  Priceless.

This clip is KIP responding to question about the location of the land offered for a new firehall.  Apparently, the wastewater treatment facility is in the same area.

Trustee Bruce Livesey reads a letter sent to KIP in March 2015 regarding the water treatment system approved by VIHA.  No response.