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Well, it’s pretty obvious these two have not acted in the manner required by the very oath they took April 13, 2016, in the clip below. IN MY OPINION.

Their secretive recent actions show how incompetent or simply unable they are to grasp the seriousness of those words.  Absolutely unfit to hold public office.

This video clip is from the March UBID meeting being brought to a halt on a point of order the Kiplet believes is covered by Roberts Rules of Order. This person has not been elected and wants the Board to abandon the purchase of the property for the permanent water facility because he claims KIP is offering land for that purpose.

This clip from the June 15, 2016, UBID Monthly meeting starts when the Chair asks for a vote on the Bylaw 264.  Listen to the Kiplets concern for the Developer. Worried the bylaw will be prohibitive, discouraging developers from Union Bay.

Concerns over the Platinum Standard – it’s the only standard.

Concerns over 125% bond which is required by UBID to ensure any developer actually has the funds to complete the job so the landowners won’t be stuck footing the bill.

The following clips are from the April 2, 2016, Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting.  The KIPLETS campaign speeches before the vote.

And they actually got elected!  Says a lot about the level of intelligence in good ole Union Bay, doesn’t it?