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Former Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Bruce Livesey’s Email to Trustee Loxam

Mr. Loxam,

In your newspaper statement 0f August 11th/16.” UBID trustee explains situation” you quote “It should also be noted that in the 2011 WIA the developer is responsible for all costs related to any improvements to the Langley Lake water source and its dam, if and when the need for additional water arises” I am unable to locate any reference to this clause in the agreement other than page 4 item{y} Water supply Infrastructure {Developer} which includes section {1}{2} and {3} but excludes” any infrastructure related to Langley Lake including without limitation the dam infrastructure at Langley Lake” To eliminate any further confusion please advise me precisely what page and section of the agreement where this statement can be found. If it is not in the agreement this misleading and inaccurate information should be publicly retracted through the same local newspaper

Your early response is requested,

Thank you,

B Livesey

Will post IF Loxam responds.

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