It’s pretty obvious from past experience with Kensington Island Properties, aka 34083 Yukon Inc., anything in writing is not considered binding by the Developer and now the Kensington Island Trustees have displayed their word is also not to be relied upon.

These two Trustees took an oath and completely ignored the content of that oath by secretly negotiating a deal with Kensington Island Properties, after the Facilitator (who was appointed because of Kensington Island Properties whining about not getting what it wanted), the Developer and the UBID Administrator had arrived at a Memorandum of Understanding.   How can anyone trust either of these individuals to follow through on anything.  They have lost all credibility by this attempt at circumventing the Memorandum of Understanding with this backroom deal – they are tainted.

Are these the actions of open, honest, accountable individuals?  This is a Developer who states:  “Because we’re dealing with government timelines don’t matter,” said McMahon.  There is something seriously wrong with this Developer.   Why would any Government body sign any documents with this ethically challenged Developer?