Maybe Kensington Island Properties is Special and Needs Protection Like Ralph Wiggum

Where is KIP these days?  Is Cowardly Kensington Island Properties unable to defend its recent secretive back room deals?  KIP always disappears after creating a shitstorm in Union Bay.  The ethically challenged Developer is being defended by the local goofs who – let’s face it – we’re not dealing with Wall Street here.  Right?


Cowardly KIP insists the 2011 WIA is still in effect because of the Force majeure. clause.

C’mon.  Do you really believe KIP would have bothered with meetings, recruiting idiots to follow him and go through an election if he had a case?  It’s all bullshit.  His lawyer wouldn’t be bothered with anything UBID claimed.  KIP has stated it would be a case he could win.  Go for it.  What’s holding the windbag back if it’s such a winning case.  Bullshit is the only constant with KIP.



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