Lone Jednorog Never Runs Out of Bullshit to Post About Kensington Island Properties

Another instalment by the mental midgets.

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So, what the author is saying:  They don’t want to join the Regional District now but will join after an agreement with Kensington Island Properties is reached.  It’s the timing instead of apples/oranges as the statement “should Union Bay join CVRD prematurely,..” proves.


Does the author realize any agreement has to be approved by the CVRD?  The Kiplets can make all the deals they want, they don’t have the final say.  The CVRD has declared the 2011 WIA expired.

The present MDA indemnifies the Regional District if there should be a problem supplying water to KIP.  The CVRD needs to be responsible for approving agreements that are obviously flawed such as the expired 2011 WIA.  We can’t allow them to just rubber stamp whatever crap KIP gets the KIPLETS to agree upon.  It’s time Bruce Joliffe stood up for this community – he’s a landowner – isn’t he concerned about what this developer is doing and saying?

Why are we fighting over something temporary when we will be facing the same situation in 5 to 7 years (according to statements made by KIP)?  Doesn’t that strike you as a waste of money.  These decisions must be made with the longterm in mind and knowing we must have a permanent facility, why entertain the thought of a temporary time limited solution?

  • How can it be a good financial deal for Union Bay to get an interest free loan on a facility we wouldn’t own until a permanent facility was up and running?
  • When the lease expires and UBID owns the temporary facility, it must move the facility off the developers land and return it to its natural state – all at the expense of the landowners.
  • Why would the Developer get CEC credits towards a system we wouldn’t own until we have put the money out AGAIN for a permanent facility?
  • How does that make an interest free loan such a great deal for Union Bay landowners if we’re duplicating the costs after just 5 to 7 years.  People have to scrutinize how this interest free loan will affect them financially in just a few years.

We have outgrown the status of Improvement District.  We just don’t have the resources available or the expertise to be dealing with a large development.  We finally have a professional Administrator, but he doesn’t have the staff or resources the CVRD has.

It’s time for a change and to move forward securing the future water supply for those who will live in Union Bay long after we are gone.  Let’s not prostitute the control of our water to a developer for an interest free loan and be stuck with a temporary plant on leased land when it is clear a permanent facility is what is required.

How anyone cannot see KIP wants to control the water by his actions is beyond me.  KIP will not even consider a permanent plant, insisting a temporary one must be built on KIP’s land.  Why would a developer do that?


Plus, why would we enter into any agreement with a developer who refuses to honour a previous agreement?  Isn’t that telling?

If you would like to visit Jednorog’s website, click on this https://unionbaygoofs.wordpress.com and on the right hand side click the link of Lone Jednorog’s website. Enjoy!

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