All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Have you read and understand the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement?

What are the consequences of resurrecting/extending the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement with Kensington Island Properties?

The existing waterworks on KIP’s leased land has a crumbling reservoir – who will pay when it fails while a temporary water treatment system is being used on the leased land? What are your plans to deal with this before it fails? The leased land is a half an acre – will we be forced to lease more land from KIP and build another temporary reservoir on land we don’t own?

The Developer has stated the temporary system is fine for five to seven years. What are your plans for after that time regarding a permanent facility? What are the benefits to a temporary system which would not be owned by UBID on leased land instead of a permanent facility on land purchased by UBID, previously identified by KIP’s experts as the ideal location for a permanent water treatment facility?

The expired agreement incorrectly grants 500 water hookups (the community was told it would be 100 hookups) which exceeds our water license. Do you support extending the agreement knowing this?

$8,900. x 500 hookups = $4.4 Million dollars. Kensington is offering to pay $1.2 million divided by $8,900. = 134 hookups. Do you support the Capital Expenditure Charges discrepancy in the agreement?

The developer has offered 4 acres of land for a permanent treatment facility. Are you aware the developer previously stated 4 acres is too small? Do you support this and do you have reports as to the suitability of this location? The offered land is the same elevation as the existing waterworks. Do you support using pumps in an attempt to solve the water pressure problems by using the land offered as suggested by a Trustee instead of the land already purchased which would use nature to solve the pressure problem?

Are you aware the expired agreement specifically excludes any infrastructure related to Langley Lake and the dam?

Are you aware the version told by Brian McMahon, VP of Kensington Island Properties at his public meeting in March 2016, of the negotiation meeting in December 2015 between UBID and KIP appears to call into question the reliability of his word? One only has to listen to the 2 minute audio and read the minutes of the meeting by the UBID Administrator. I sent Mr. Youngren and Mr. McMahon the audio clip and the minutes but they failed to respond.

Where will the funds come from for a new firehall and trucks?

Jednorog:  What is the point of mentioning the increase of $1100. in your property taxes?  Nothing to do with UBID.  The parcel taxes and water rates were not increased in the years up to 2011 because the old regime believed KIP was providing everything.  What were your property taxes in Calgary?  Are you willing to declare you will not increase the parcel taxes or water rates?

Bitten:  You should be able to provide a very detailed response R E N A!  Let’s see those qualities in action or will you suddenly be blind?

Since this seems to be the first year KIP has been openly seeking investors, do you have any financial investment in Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc?