All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.good-trustees-running-oct-22-2016


The KIP candidates and KIP trustees want to extend an agreement they know contains elements that UBID does not have the authority to grant.  Specifically the 500 hookups which contravenes our water license.   Do you support an elected official knowing this and still engage in such an agreement?


What happens when the property is flipped and you’re dealing with a company who has been promised 500 water hookups that you can’t provide?  Will you be sued by a developer because of poor/negligent decisions made by these elected officials?

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Vancouver Island Health – reasons why they support land purchased close to Langley Lake.  Listen to the comments about pumps (Trustees Loxam and Jacques prefer using pumps and this would be forever!).

Kensington talks about outgrowing the existing site in 3 to 5 years.    What a waste of money.  Duplicating all of this again – it’s mind boggling.   Kip’s candidates think they’re saving the community money but it’s a patchwork of empty promises and no substance.

Where are these engineering plans KIP claims to have?  Why weren’t they submitted to Union Bay Improvement District as per the 2011 expired WIA?

Kip promises to provide a permanent treatment facility as well as land for a permanent facility but never puts it in writing with a signature.  It’s the same old song he’s been singing for years, lots of talk – nothing in writing with a signature.

Chair Molstad explained the financial practices of previous boards who failed to take any steps to ensure the community had funds for a permanent facility or could meet the needs of upgrading the water system.  Check out the financial statements for the years the leaders of the Concerned Citizens held the purse strings.

The leaders of the Concerned Citizens are responsible for the lack of funds now.  Think of how much we’d have saved if the elected officials hadn’t spent your money carelessly, or if they were still in office, building a $2 Million dollar firehall attached to the school on a property we didn’t own?


On this page from KIP’s website it states:  The current Union Bay water pumping station is located on CD Zone 5 with the intent that a planned expansion will service the subdivision until it is relocated to other Comox Valley Regional District Lands.

So to prospective investors, the Developer controls the water system on its land.

cd zone 5 Voila_Capture 2016-4-5_07-26-35_pm

Typical screwup just like everything else with KIP – this is how KIP’s website has appeared for more than 6 months – or the link is dead.  That’s what KIP is – dead link.