Nothing yet on the claim of Protester Lone Jednorog’s complaint about being assaulted.   Ya, I’m sure the police are sympathetic to someone who’s only reason for being at the meeting is to disrupt and discredit, refuses to leave and then cries assault.  To put this in perspective…….If I refused to stop recording and stood my ground – would I have been physically removed?  There would be no shortage of the brave MEN in Union Bay that would gladly eject me.  This type of crap is why women are viewed skeptically when reporting REAL assault.  I’m disgusted.

This video is the first few minutes of the pro Kensington Island Properties candidates information meeting Oct. 17, 2016 at the Union Bay Community Hall before David Godfrey held a vote to turn off the camera.

NOTE:  Anyone is allowed to record a public meeting.  The audience was not going to be in the video as the camera was aimed directly at the panel table. I didn’t make a fuss because I know I would have been thrown out of the meeting.  David Godfrey is hardly the expert when it comes to rules and democracy.

*Ted Haraldson almost missed the objection to the video until he saw Lone Jednorog and Rick Bitten.*

Won’t it be wonderful when democracy is finally embraced in Union Bay?

Anyone notice the difference in the first few minutes of the two meetings?