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How Much More Proof Do You Need? – Kensington Island Properties Encourages Gutless Actions In Union Bay


I don’t like gutless people.  Well, I don’t like most people but gutless ones are particularly distasteful.  If I’m going to say something, I don’t need people supporting me.  If I won’t say it when I’m by myself, I won’t say it in a crowd.

I think it’s gutless when a woman only has the courage to speak if she has her husband standing by.

I think it’s gutless when a husband sends his wife into a situation as bait knowing she is going to be a disruption and most likely be removed if she doesn’t voluntarily leave.

I think it’s gutless when the husband reacts with shock and threatens anyone touching his wife when he is part of the stunt.

I think it’s gutless when the husband makes sure to have other men there to defend his wife, who are also in on the planned stunt.

I think it’s gutless to then spread the rumour that this woman was assaulted.

How white trash is it to intentionally cause a physical altercation in a hall full of senior citizens?  How many videos have we seen where someone gets sucker punched and dies?

How desperate are you that you are willing to bait a fellow resident into a physical altercation hoping to have him arrested in order to shut down a meeting, afraid of the information that might be presented to the landowners?

The police have still not contacted the individual who supposedly assaulted this woman.  The only conclusion I come to is that they simply don’t believe her.

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