I’d like Rick Bitten to take note of what his role is as a Trustee.  It is not about healing the community – It is about making the right decisions in the best interest of the Union Bay Improvement District.  Water, Fire and Street Lighting.  Get it?

What I find so interesting about this ‘apology’ is that Rick is conveniently omitting his part in the disruption.  How about an apology to me for pushing me as Rick clearly does in the video below?

By offering this apology Rick is weasling out of any involvement in the planned disruption of the all candidates meeting.  Why didn’t Rick Bitton, Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson take their designated seats at the candidates table instead of bunching up at the entrance?  They had no intention of participating  in the meeting because they simply could not back up any of the verbal promises made by Brian Mcmahon.

Like I said – gutless.