Post-Election Comments, Union Bay


After helping to spearhead a team of candidates in Union Bay for Trustee positions on the Improvement District board, may I state the following facts?

Community candidates Jim Elliott and Susanna Kaljur easily defeated Ted Haraldson and Lone Jednorog. Although Cleve Goldswain never knocked on one door and didn’t publish any misleading or incorrect information he succumbed to Rick Bitten by only 2 votes. When no one else could be bothered to stand up for the community, Cleve took the challenge, THANK YOU.

Jim and Susanna will keep some sanity on the Board, however unfortunately there were no real winners because we still have the same polarized Board of years ago unless someone makes a change. As this was the dirtiest, slimiest most appalling campaign I have ever been involved in, this is not likely to occur. The 50% turnout was impressive but the other 50 need to show some interest, do not bury your heads in the sand; support your community.

Lastly, most of our meetings and decision making were made while walking and talking on the still contaminated coal site. However on October 25th my 67th birthday and only 3 days after the election, I received a very legal letter from 34083 Yukon Inc.{Kensington Island Properties} lawyers, banning me from any further walks on the sacred Kensington lands. I will be sued for damages punitive damages, an injunction and special costs. So if you see the ghost of Bruce Livesey walking there abouts, please report the occurrence to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they have been advised regarding this very sensitive matter.

Thank you to the volunteers and land owners who supported Jim ,Susanna and Cleve.

Bruce Livesey

Union Bay