What has he done for Union Bay in all the years he’s been our MLA?  Nothing. No loss with him choosing not to run again.  We were locked out by our own elected officials from January 2011 through April 2011.  What did McRae or anyone in the Liberal government do?   Nothing.  You have to be a buddy like the VP of Kensington Island Properties and his Concerned Citizens guy David Godfrey if you want any help from the Liberal government.  How did a guy who was part of locking us out get a meeting with Minister Peter Fassbender?  Do you know how hard it is to get a meeting with the Minister?  Why was David Godfrey, Peter Jacques and their good buddy Brian McMahon (and our MLA, Don McRae was invited according to Brian McMahon.  McRae refuses to admit whether he attended the meeting)

mcraes-response-to-meeting-question-voila_capture-2016-10-1_12-34-42_pm-copy given a meeting with Minister Peter Fassbender?  Look what Fassbender’s interference has done to Union Bay by believing the bullshit of this developer and those championing his development.

We are now in Mid Island-Pacific Rim.  Will our next MLA be dancing to the tune played by Kensington Island Properties?  Let’s see who actually knows what’s going on here.


The longer Fassbender allows this dysfunctional UBID board to operate, the more ammunition it gives those hoping to get elected in the upcoming election.   What is his ministry for?  Isn’t it there to help communities?  Why has this minister sided with a developer and his sidekicks at the expense of our community?

Union Bay is a joke.  Watch the video and tell me the majority of this board has a grasp on what it means to be accountable and transparent.  The biggest joke on us is the line spouted by then candidate Rick Bitten about “putting the trust back in trustee”.