Why do people in Union Bay bitch so much about parcel taxes and water rates?  Why do they think they shouldn’t have to pay more than they’re paying now?  How many increases in the last 20 years?  You have to pay sooner or later and landowners have not been paying for future infrastructure because of stupid actions by those you elected and in the majority prior to 2011.

Gord Hood asked the following important question and he states DCCs which are development cost charges or as in UBID Capital Expenditure Charges:

Did you mention that UBID does not have any control over the the costs of the project under the expired agreement. UBID has the right to approve the plans and budget but what if the project goes over-budget for the actual costs? KIP doesn’t care because it can offset actual costs with forgiven DCCs.

If the expired 2011 WIA is extended/resurrected, what will the top heavy Kensington Island Properties Board of Trustees do if the $1.? Kensington Island Properties pays in Capital Expenditure Charges isn’t enough to cover the costs necessary to meet the VIHA standards?   Will they expect landowners to foot the bill for work done on leased land that will not be recovered?  What happens when the now crumbling existing reservoir fails?  What about these concerns:


The lousy UBID boards up until 2011, spent every cent that came in and didn’t set aside any money for future water infrastructure.  After all those years of not paying, we are going to have to pay now.  The same people who thought Kensington Island Properties would pay for everything, purchased a piece of property we didn’t own and just about bankrupted the community are the same ones who are now pushing the flawed and expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.

Anyone telling you they are going to reduce your taxes or give you something for nothing – get real.  Just like the article below – you are going to pay.