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Almost $25,000. Spent on a Facilitator Who Accomplished Nothing – Liberal Buddies Helping Kensington Island Properties Who Snubbed the Facilitator They Appointed


Where is the authorization to extend the Facilitator beyond the original June 2016 termination of his services?  Why isn’t there any report?  Nothing.  Didn’t Mr. Mattison document what transpired?  Are we supposed to pretend the Memorandum of Understanding never existed?

16June06 Draft UBID - KIP MOU Agreement - signed by UBID-116June06 Draft UBID - KIP MOU Agreement - signed by UBID-2Terms of Reference facilitatorTerms of Reference facilitator 1




There are so many questions regarding the dates Mr. Mattison claims fees and expenses.  The June 6, 2016 is when the Memorandum of Understanding was reached with Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties and the Union Bay Improvement District Administrator.  This is the agreement Brian McMahon has refused to sign.

What services was Mr. Mattison billing for on July 4, 2016?  Was this service in relation to the unsigned letter from Brian McMahon which he negotiated with trustees Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam on June 7, 2016, the day after reaching the Memorandum of Understanding?

What services did he provide for August 2, 2016?  We no longer had a functioning board as of July 31, 2016, so what was Mr. Mattison doing?  Minister Fassbender refused to do anything other than advise the Administrator to hold a by-election.

What is Mattison billing for in September and October?  What work has Mattison done that produced zero results but gets paid for nothing.  Perhaps Mr. Mattison is the appointed Liberal to babysit Brian McMahon and the taxpayers are footing the bill.

Don’t forget our own Liberal MLA Don McRae who told a landowner he didn’t want to get involved when the landowner asked McRae to help when the three good trustees resigned in July.

McRae won’t even admit whether he got involved when Godfrey, Jacques and McMahon met with Fassbender.

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