Just remember, it’s the Liberal government and Minister Peter Fassbender who caused this mess.  Election time is just around the corner.


The delegation presenting the 425 petitions from landowners requesting the Union Bay Improvement District be dissolved and have the Comox Valley Regional District take over the governance couldn’t have picked a better meeting to demonstrate how dangerous it is to have incompetents making decisions on behalf of the landowners of Union Bay.

I asked the microphone be used but was told I was out of order.  The new rules of the meetings state if a person is ruled out of order twice, they will be asked to leave.  There is no reason the audio is so poor.  I can’t get any closer to the trustees and there are two microphones on the table but are too far away from anyone speaking to be heard.

I think this is the most important meeting I have recorded to date.  There are so many things wrong with this board but the number one issue is the resurrection of the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  It displays three trustees voting on a motion they do not understand and cannot explain why they support it.  It displays trustee Glenn Loxam voting in favour when previously in the meeting trustee Kaljur called for Loxam’s resignation due to Loxam’s false claims in his letter to the editor regarding what was in the agreement.  Loxam, Jacques and Bitten refuse to believe what is written in the agreement choosing to believe those who originally negotiated – guess that means Denis Royer and Brian McMahon.

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