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Can Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Glenn Loxam Indicate Where it States Kip Would Pay for Langley Lake Infrastructure and Dam After Having the Agreement Read Out at the Meeting?



Loxam claims you have to read the whole agreement to understand KIP is paying for infrastructure related to Langley Lake and the dam.  Well, Trustee Elliott read it out – where is it stated KIP would pay????????

At 00:27 trustee Loxam details the history of the expired agreement he claims includes infrastructure for Langley Lake and the dam, although he is unable to point to the clause indicating anything of the sort.

At 1:45 Trustee Elliott again asks Loxam to amend his motion.

At 2:45 Loxam educates those present on the legality of the force majeure clause in the expired agreement. (knowledge by osmosis).

At 3:09 Trustee Elliott again requests Loxam amend the motion.

Loxam refuses.

At 3:45 Trustee Susanna Kaljur objects to the motion.

Administrator reads the motion.

At 4:45 Trustee Elliott states he doesn’t understand the motion.  Asks what is the required time extension given to KIP.

At 6:00 the Union Bay Improvement District Administrator makes a statement urging the trustees to wait until they have had time to understand the agreement.

The Administrator is ignored and the motion is carried thanks to the pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees.  Rick Bitten, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam.

Part five of five.

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