Trustee Loxam claims you have to read the whole agreement to understand the developer is paying for Langley Lake infrastructure and the dam.  Let’s see if you can tell who is paying for any infrastructure to Langley Lake and the dam after listening.

At 10:30 Trustee Elliott is still reading the Water Infrastructure Agreement and offers trustee Loxam the opportunity to amend his motion and states his reasons.  Gets a little heated.

At 25:00 Trustee Elliott asks again for time to have legal counsel explain the agreement and the financial ramifications facing landowners.

At 26:40 Bitten has been a trustee for a couple of weeks and now he’s able to ascertain what is legal.  He cautions it’s a very dangerous thing for people to be saying the agreement has expired.  Bitten hasn’t grasped the motion and is talking about hearing back from counsel.  Obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  IN MY OPINION See – they think if they’re elected they’re suddenly experts.  Hey Rick, better let Bruce Joliffe and the rest of the RD know what they’re doing is very dangerous.Sonny Day



At 28:10 Trustee Susanna Kaljur states why the trustees need to be informed before proceeding with such a motion when the agreement is not fully understood by the trustees.

Part four of five.