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Question About Liability of Elected Officials Entering Into Agreements Knowing the Dangers


Elected officials are usually not held accountable for their bad decisions while elected UNLESS they knowingly proceeded.

This from 2015:

A requirement for more than 1045 homes would require UBID to make an application to Island Health (?or others) for an increase in its license and would necessitate building a new dam. The costs associated with a new dam would include not only construction (we would not be allowed to build on top of the existing earthen dam)additionally UBID would need to purchasing land from Island Timberlands around Langley Lake to accommodate flooding that will take place from elevating the water level of the Lake.

A new dam would also trigger involvement of federal and provincial departments such as Environment and Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) as we would be required to provide continuous flows into Hart Creek. The cost would be several million dollars.

This page is from the 2011 expired WIA, specifically excludes Langley Lake and the dam.UBID-KIP Water Agreement Apr 2011-3-4

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