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Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Doesn’t Understand His Own Motion



Is there any nice way to say stupid?

The three pro Kensington Island Trustees don’t seem to understand the difference between instructing a lawyer to take action and obtaining legal advice.

They claim UBID’s  lawyer will tell them if the agreement is in effect and yet they’re instructing UBID’s lawyer to ‘enact the force majeure clause’.   These trustees are ignorant and arrogant.

The Administrator at 6:00 provides a list of issues the Improvement District has been dealing with.  There is a process in place with the provincial government with the Facilitator, there are negotiated revisions to the Master Development Agreement with the Regional District, the developer has never provided evidence of an agreement with the province, etc.

Throughout the video it’s evident the trustees don’t understand the motion, especially the trustee who put forth the motion.  They look like idiots every time they open their mouths defending their support of the motion.  They look like idiots because they can’t grasp the difference between what they’re saying and what the motion states.

  • How dumb can you be if you rely on what the original negotiators  intended but failed to put in writing?
  • How dumb can you be to support something you clearly don’t understand and are unable to explain?
  • How dumb can you be if you think just because a mistake was made initially it should be repeated?
  • How dumb can you be when you refuse to listen to the only person with experience who can be relied upon for accurate information?
  • How dumb can you be to think you have the knowledge after mere weeks in a position, with no prior experience, and believe there is no need for you to have any additional information in order to support a motion?
  • How dumb can you be to support an expired agreement exceeding the 1045 limit which violates our water license.  Guess that must be okay because it was done once so let’s do it again.
  • How dumb can you be?goof loxam Voila_Capture 2016-8-11_12-24-45_pm
  • How dumb can you be to support a motion without evidence the developer has reached an agreement with the province which the developer claims to have prevented proceeding as per the expired agreement?  According to the email below the Ministry approved the remediation plan for the site October 26, 2012.  It goes on to say there are a few outstanding items but “This does not preclude implementation of the remediation plan by the parties”.  McMahon claims he couldn’t proceed until late 2014.  Who’s telling the truth?scan3
  • How dumb can you be to be so blatantly manipulated?

The videos of this meeting and the ones in October display the real Union Bay.  Such a pretty place.  Too bad it’s a snake pit run by thugs.

How dumb can we be to let this shit happen?

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