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Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Displayed by the Media



Credit for the gong show should go to trustees Rick Bitten, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam for displaying ignorance, arrogance and their unsuitability to hold elected positions.

Again, kudos to Michael Briones of the Comox Valley Echo for providing an accurate account of what transpired at the Nov. 13, Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting.  It’s been a while since we had a reporter take pride in providing quality reporting.

“Jacques produced a copy and just tossed the document to Elliott,”  This is how the chair treated a trustee who was concerned over the motion being put forward.   At 28:40 Trustee Elliott advises the 500 water connections per the expired agreement violates our water license and these clowns still pass the motion.

The video is set to start at 25:17.  Reload the page if you want it to start at that point again.

This one is set to 10:40.  Jim Elliott.  Who do you think is looking out for your best interests?  Who is concerned about the liability of Union Bay landowners by knowingly entering into an agreement that cannot be met without spending millions on increasing the capacity of Langley Lake and the dam?  The 500 connections which clearly violates our water license.  If KIP flips the property and the new owner wants the 500 connections – should we send Glenn Loxam to explain what the agreement actually means?


Part five of five.

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